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Managed Growth and Measured Success

Edgewater Beach Resort Management, Inc. began doing business as Resort Collection in 2008. The new organization was created to embody, refine, and expand upon the Edgewater Beach Resort Management’s professional and service-focused approach to resort management and to allow each of the individual resorts under representation at that time to fully leverage the recognition, awareness and reach created by bringing them under the aegis of a single, collective brand. Care was taken to preserve each resort’s individual brand identity, showcasing each resort as a unique product and marketing them in manner which negated competition within the collection.

In an effort to expand the organization’s capabilities and seize upon newly developing opportunities, Resort Collection identified and recruited executives who were respected by their peers and who have an established and proven record of performance and achievement within the destination travel, real estate, and hospitality sectors. Resort Collection’s current executive team is the culmination of this effort.

During the next five years, Resort Collection would grow from a single property-under-contract, to Northwest Florida’s premier hospitality management company with a portfolio consisting of 14 world-class properties.

Resort Collection fully embraced the myriad of changes to the industry brought about by the information age. An early-adopter of internet-based travel planning and booking tools, Resort Collection took its branding online offering both guests and owners the ability to book, manage and track their vacation rentals. Putting these capabilities in the hands of the guests and property owners streamlined and simplified the experience, eliminating costly layers of management, creating a more empowered guest, and generating greater revenue for owners.

Resort Collection diversified and expanded its offerings, recapturing revenue lost to emerging competitors and generating additional revenue streams from new-found opportunities. Resort Collection partnered with online travel agencies such as Expedia and in an effort to maximize our owners’ revenue and, ultimately, elevating the guest experience and reinforcing a business model based on its proven and established core values.

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